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KöR Teeth Whitening – Hoboken, NJ

A Quicker Way to a Brighter Smile

Want your smile to appear whiter? Want to say goodbye to the stains and discoloration plaguing your appearance? With teeth whitening in Hoboken, Dr. Graffeo at Dentistry Redefined can have you seeing results in as little as an hour, or he can provide you with special at-home whitening kits that will give you the freedom and ability to whiten on your own time and see results in two weeks! Using the KöR teeth whitening system, we can blast away stains deep down below the tooth enamel and leave your pearly whites radiant. To find out how you can get started, contact our office today.

A young female wearing a denim button-down shirt and pointing to her smile after undergoing teeth whitening in Hoboken

What is KöR Teeth Whitening?

A young female having her teeth whitened in a dentist’s office

The KöR Teeth Whitening and bleaching system allow our team to personalize your treatment plan based on your individual needs. Not only does this unique cosmetic treatment remove minor stains and discoloration, but it can also remove stubborn, deep-down stains that are brought on by aging and certain medications.

How KöR Teeth Whitening Works

A customized whitening tray complete with the bleaching gel that is designed to fill the tray

Combining the benefits of both in-house and at-home treatments, your cosmetic dentist in Hoboken can administer KöR Teeth Whitening to remove minor and stubborn stains. Depending on the state of your teeth and how severe your stains are, you may be required to undergo multiple in-office treatments in addition to the at-home whitening kits you’ll use on your own time. During the in-office phase, we will work to desensitize your teeth and prepare them for at-home treatment. Once you are at home, you will use the customized dental trays we provide to you. These whitening trays are to be worn overnight for two weeks, which will allow the bleaching gel to remain active on your teeth for 6+ hours.

Should it be necessary, you will come back to our office to have an additional whitening treatment to achieve your desired results.

Who Are Good Candidates for Teeth Whitening?

A before and after image of a person’s smile after undergoing teeth whitening

Typically, teeth whitening is a great solution for anyone looking to improve the aesthetics of their smile. If you are dealing with any of the following situations, it’s time you consider how KöR Teeth Whitening can get you the look and feel you desire:

You’ll also be less likely to experience tooth sensitivity because of the way KöR Teeth Whitening’s bleaching gel reacts to your tooth enamel, which makes it a more popular option that store-bought products.

Why Dr. Graffeo is a Great Choice for Teeth Whitening

A middle-aged woman staring at her improved smile in the mirror after receiving help from Dr. Graffeo

When choosing a cosmetic dentist in Hoboken, you want to be sure you’re seeing someone who is experienced and knowledgeable. Fortunately, Dr. Graffeo is an expert in this area and can give you the results you need and deserve.

With more than 25 years of proven experience and training, he continues to learn more about new and advanced techniques and technologies to ensure his patients receive the most advanced and up-to-date care possible.

Understanding the Cost of Teeth Whitening

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Before you go all-in on any dental treatment, certainly you’ll want to be clear on what it’s going to cost. Below, we’ll touch on all the factors that impact the cost of teeth whitening in Hoboken. Though it can vary from patient to patient, gaining a better understanding of the elements involved will help you know what to expect before your smile rejuvenation.

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Factors That Affect the Cost of Teeth Whitening

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While professional teeth whitening treatment has a preset cost, there are aspects regarding the particular patient that can make it more or less expensive, such as:

  • Preparatory treatments: If a patient has cavities or gum disease, these will need to be addressed first. Otherwise, teeth whitening may lead to further problems and may not yield optimal results.
  • The degree of discoloration: Severely stained teeth may require multiple treatments for the patient to achieve their desired shade.
  • The cause and location of the discoloration: Are your teeth stained due to an age-related issue or a medication you take? Is the staining located on the enamel surface or within your tooth?

Types of Teeth Whitening: What Do They Cost?

take home teeth whitening for cost of teeth whitening Hoboken

  • Professional Take-Home Whitening Kit: For this, the dentist creates a customized set of trays and provides professional-strength whitening gel for the patient to use at home. Altogether, it usually costs a few hundred dollars.
  • Professional In-Office Whitening: The cost of in-office teeth whitening generally ranges from $400-800.
  • Store-Bought Whitening Kit: These trays and gel are available in most grocery stores and pharmacies, and the cost typically spans from $20-100.
  • Whitening Strips & Gels: This is easily the cheapest option. Strips, in particular, usually cost $20-40 for a box that lasts two weeks.

Store-Bought Teeth Whitening vs. Professional Teeth Whitening

illustration trying to decide for cost of teeth whitening Hoboken

If you prioritize cost when you pursue teeth whitening in Hoboken, your wallet may appreciate it, but the impact on your smile likely won’t be what you were hoping for. Why is that the case?

For one, the products used by your dentist are several times stronger than anything you can find at the store. This enables your dentist to deliver much better, more noticeable results upon your smile. Also, the exam your dentist performs before proceeding with whitening treatment may be crucial. It could prevent you from accidentally irritating your mouth due to a cavity or infection that snuck under your radar.

While a professional treatment might be more expensive upfront, odds are you’ll end up enjoying your smile more and spending much less cash in the long term because you won’t have to bother with touch-ups every few weeks.

Another Option for Making Teeth Whitening Affordable

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Because teeth whitening is considered an elective procedure, it is very rarely covered by dental insurance. Fortunately, here at Dentistry Redefined, you don’t have to pay for the treatment entirely upfront. If needed, you can break up the cost with CareCredit’s low-to-no-interest financing. When you contact our office, be sure to let us know if you are interested in utilizing CareCredit.

KöR Teeth Whitening FAQs

Does KöR Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Whatever you might fear, KöR Teeth Whitening doesn’t hurt. Dentists take every step to ensure the process is pain-free. That way, your treatment is sure to be smooth and comfy.

Firstly, each KöR whitening session is customized for your smile. Our office tailors the levels of bleaching gel used on your teeth. As a result, you’ll be much less likely to suffer any tooth sensitivity. There’s also a reduced risk of the gel irritating your gum tissue.

Of course, do tell us if you’re prone to sensitive teeth. Our team can work with you on ways to reduce sensitivity. These might include spaced-out treatments, avoiding hot drinks, or using specialty toothpaste.

Does KöR Teeth Whitening Damage Enamel?

Luckily, KöR teeth whitening doesn’t harm healthy enamel. (We wouldn’t offer it otherwise.) The treatment should brighten your smile while leaving it as healthy as ever.

That said, things change if your grin is in bad shape. Whiteners can cause issues for teeth affected by decay or gum disease. As such, get a thorough oral exam before pursuing treatment. It’ll show if pre-existing problems must be addressed first.

To stay safe, consult your dentist before anything else. They’ll know for sure if KöR whitening is ideal for your smile. In case it isn’t, they can provide insight into products and habits that’ll enhance your grin.

Does KöR Teeth Whitening Work on Dental Crowns?

Sadly, KöR teeth whitening doesn’t work on dental crowns. The caps can’t be whitened like your natural chompers.

You see, it all comes down to how whitening works. The bleaching gel enters your enamel since the latter is porous. However, dental crowns are made of porcelain – a nonporous material. That means the gel won’t remove stains from a crown’s surface.

On the bright side, there are ways to avoid crown stains. Just remember to follow good habits. In particular, avoid tobacco products and dark-colored drinks. (If worse comes to worse, you can also replace an old crown with a new one.)

Is KöR Teeth Whitening Permanent?

To be honest, KöR teeth whitening isn’t permanent. Its results last anywhere from a couple months to a few years. The exact timespan depends on how well you care for your smile.

All the same, you can take steps to prolong the results. Consider using the following tips:

  • Practice Good Oral Hygiene – As best you can, brush your teeth twice daily and floss between them once daily. Similarly, rinse with mouthwash as needed.
  • Avoid Certain Products – Tobacco products stain teeth, so don’t smoke, The same goes for dark-colored foods and drinks, including berries, tomato sauce, coffee, and red wine.
  • See Your Dentist Often – Regular checkups remove stains before they set in, while touch-up treatments can keep your teeth nice and white.