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Invisalign for Teens – Hoboken, NJ

Discreet Teeth Straightening for Responsible Teens

Although approximately one-fourth of orthodontic patients are adults, most people who get their teeth straightened are younger. While traditional braces are usually the treatment of choice for teens, there are other options as well. For example, your adolescent may be a candidate for Invisalign in Hoboken. There is even a special type of Invisalign that is designed especially for young people! Let’s talk about how this remarkable treatment may help your child achieve the healthy smile they deserve.

Adolescent girl with straight teeth after using Invisalign for teens in Hoboken

Why Choose Dentistry Redefined for Invisalign for Teens?

Why Is Invisalign a Good Option for Teens?

Teen boy standing against neutral background, holding Invisalign aligner

Just like traditional braces, Invisalign in Hoboken applies gentle pressure to the teeth in order to move them into their proper positions. The two treatments can correct many of the same dental alignment issues, including overbite, underbite, crossbite, gapped teeth, rotated teeth, and more.

However, because traditional orthodontics involves the use of metal brackets and wires, many image-conscious teens balk at the idea of using them. Invisalign is ideal for these people because it uses clear plastic aligners to move the teeth. Although the aligners are not completely invisible, they are much less noticeable than traditional orthodontics.

Invisalign vs. Invisalign for Teens — What’s the Difference?

Invisalign aligners for upper and lower arches against white background

Regular Invisalign treatment and Invisalign for teens are similar in many ways. However, there are a few key differences:

Benefits of Invisalign for Teens

Teen girl in blur shirt giving thumbs up for Invisalign

Other than its subtle appearance, some of the biggest benefits of Invisalign for teens include:

Are you ready to learn more about Invisalign for teens? Our team is ready to serve you. Get in touch today to ask questions or schedule an appointment.