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Periodontal Therapy – Hoboken, NJ

Proven Protection Against Gum Disease

You don’t need a degree in dentistry and nearly 30 years of experience like Dr. Graffeo to know that there is more going on in your mouth than just your teeth. When it comes to your oral health, the condition of your gums matters just as much as your pearly whites. Without consistent oral hygiene, they can develop an infection called periodontal disease, better known as gum disease. This can cause a wide array of unpleasant symptoms, including redness, swelling, gum recession, chronic bad breath, and even tooth loss. Thankfully, our team is able to identify the early signs of gum disease and treat it right away using proven therapies. If your gums have felt more sensitive lately or tend to bleed every time you clean your teeth, contact us today to get the help you need with periodontal therpay in Hoboken, NJ!

Woman looking at red inflamed gums before periodontal therapy

Why Choose Robert Graffeo, DDS
for Periodontal Therapy?

Scaling & Root Planing

Patient receiving scaling and rootplaning treatment

Primarily, periodontal disease is caused by plaque and tartar that has gathered on the teeth below the gum line. These substances are filled with bacteria that can irritate, inflame, and eventually break down the nearby soft and hard tissues. Scaling is a type of cleaning that removes this pesky buildup, and then root planing serves to smooth out the rough surfaces of the teeth’s roots. This prevents plaque and tartar from accumulating near the gums again, guarding against reinfection, and encourages the gums to firmly reattach to the teeth while healing.

Antibiotic Therapy

Anitbiotic pill pack

In addition to scaling and root planing, our team will also apply a topical antibiotic to the gums to eliminate any bacteria that we may have missed. Periodontal disease bacteria tends to gather in really small pockets located between your teeth and gums, and this treatment ensures we get rid of it before it can cause any more trouble. After the first round of periodontal treatment, we’ll recommend that a patient receive regular dental cleanings every three to four months to ensure the infection doesn’t come back.

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